How Does an SPF Roof System Hold Up During a Hurricane?

How Does an SPF Roof System Hold Up During a Hurricane

A spray foam roofing system (SPF) completely adheres to the roof deck, forming a monolithic layer that provides superior protection against hurricanes, high winds, and tornadoes. It’s one of the most potent and reliable ways to protect a home or commercial building during natural disasters.

But how does it work exactly to keep the roof structure safe? Here, we’ll briefly discuss how an SPF roof system holds up during hurricanes. We’ll also highlight its advantages over other roofing systems.

How Spray Foam Works Against Hurricanes

The SPF roof system holds the entire roof deck together, forming a solid, durable monolithic layer. This layer provides excellent uplift resistance since there are no weak points or joints, which makes it difficult for wind to penetrate.

Additionally, since it’s spray-applied, it seals off and adheres to any special roof features or protrusions. That means things like ledges, pipes, parapet walls, and more become part of the roof, providing more rigidity to the roofing system. All these parts form a seamless layer, making it hard for high winds to penetrate.

So, now that you know how SPF works, let’s compare it to other roofing materials.

Advantages Over Other Roofing Systems

  1. Durable than shingle and tile
  2. It doesn’t Peel Off

More Durable Than Shingle and Tiles

How Does an SPF Roof System Hold Up During a HurricaneRegarding durability, the SPF roof system stands out from the other roofing systems. First, it forms a seamless and waterproof surface. That means your roof won’t be prone to the leakage and deterioration that comes from lots of joints. Plus, it doesn’t deteriorate from exposure to water, ultraviolet radiation, or salt.

Secondly, it is chemically stable and won’t decompose like shingles or tiles. The material has no organic solvents, meaning it won’t rot or support bacteria, fungus, or mold growth.

Lastly, the SPF roof system has an average service of 15+ years. A simple re-coating work extends the roof’s lifespan for another 15-20 years. Basically, it can last forever with proper maintenance. (1)

It Doesn’t Peel Off

Even under the strongest storm, the SPF roof system won’t peel off the roof deck. That’s because it adheres to the deck evenly, sealing any weak spots or gaps. No debris like tree branches carried by hurricanes could peel the roof off.

While that doesn’t mean it’s invincible, this system is still among the best ways to protect your home from natural disasters. In fact, if it incurs damage, it’s mostly small compared to what would happen to shingles. And the repairs are also easy and fast.

With the help of a professional SPF roof system installer, you can get your home ready for hurricanes, high winds, and tornadoes. At Southeast Waterproofing & Coatings, LLC, we specialize in installing SPF roofs.

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