How Does Hail Impact An SPF Roof?

How Does Hail Impact An SPF Roof?

Severe weather like hail is the toughest test for any roofing system. In areas like Florida, where hailstorms occur 7-10 times yearly, it is crucial to consider roof resistance when selecting a roofing system. That’s because most roofing materials cannot withstand extreme weather conditions, especially hail! (1)

SPF (spray polyurethane foam) roofs are among the toughest and most resistant against elements. But how do they hold up against hail?

Here we’ll discuss the impact of hail on SPF roofs.

How A Spray Foam Roof Handles Hailstorm

Ideally, SPF roofs should resist impact from heavy rains comfortably. The compressive strength of the form, plus the thousands of tiny cells filled with air, act as a shock absorber against impact. That means the water bounces off the exterior membrane, leaving the underlying foam untouched.

However, hailstorms come with high winds carrying airborne debris and sharp hail stones. These materials can crack the exterior coating or indent the surface of the SPF roof. 

But SPF is a closed-cell foam that provides protection even if the water-shedding surface breaks. That means it cannot leak water to your indoors even if it breaks the outer medium. So that means that your roof is protected in most cases, even against a nasty hail storm.  

Additionally, SPF roofs are typically about 1.5 inches thick. Even with the strongest hailstorm, the damage usually does not penetrate past ½ inch. It’s not the same as other roofing materials. 

In fact, one study by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) found SPF to be more tolerant to impact than other roofing systems. (2) This is a very important piece of data if you’re considering investing in a commercial roof application.

How Hail Damage Gets Repaired On an SPF Roof

Commercial SPF Roof SystemUnlike other roofing systems, SPF roofs only need repairing instead of complete replacement. They do not tear off entirely and do not leak. The damage remains localized to the specific area that received the hit and only the upper surface of the form.

While SPF roofs are not in imminent danger of water damage, inspection and repairs are essential after a heavy and destructive storm. A professional should coat the crack and add sealant to the crushed foam.

Keep in mind the level of repairs depends on depth and frequency.

An SPF roof should serve you for up to 30 years with proper maintenance. And even at the end of that lifespan, you will only need to re-coat the roof instead of replacing it. This is the real value of an SPF roofing system!

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