Flat Modified

Learn More About Flat Modified Roofs

Flat Modified roofs are most commonly used on flat or low-slope roofs. The material is a combination of asphalt and polymerized rubber, or plastic and a waterproof membrane is created using fiberglass. There are multiple benefits when using these materials for your roof. Modified roofs are tear-resistant when facing extreme weather conditions. 

They are on average expected to last around 20 years. The multiple layers that modified roofs have created high durability and resistance from water. Maintenance, installation, and the repair process is fairly easy. Energy-efficiency is an added bonus as the modified roofs reflect the sun, resulting in lower energy bills for homeowners.

When To Replace or Repair an Aging Roof


This judgement needs to be assessed and determined by a certified roofing professional. If your roof has worn past its useful life, then a roof replacement might become necessary.


Leaking roofs are very common, especially if you live in Florida! A leaking roof can often times be a simple repair by a roofing professional. The key is to act quickly and "nip in the bud!"

Hail Damage

A violent hail storm can wreak havoc on any type of roof. A metal roof and asphalt roof are especially susceptible to hail damage. There are specific insurance guidelines for hail damage, so seek professional advice.