Proper Roof Maintenance For Your Home’s Roof

Proper Roof Maintenance For Your Home’s Roof

Proper roof maintenance is essential, especially in a region like Florida, where the weather can be extreme. This first line of defence for your home is constantly under stress from storms, high winds, heat, and other environmental factors.

But how do you care for your home’s roof? Here we will briefly discuss the basics of proper roof maintenance.

1. Check for Damage

The roof always bears the brunt of the elements throughout the year. At some point, it will show signs of wear and tear. For example, if you have a shingle roofing, you may see some curling around the edges or granules on the ground near the gutter. Such damage often occurs due to extreme heat or hail.

If you ignore these signs, you risk potential leaks that could damage your household items. What’s more? There is a high chance water would damage parts of the roof, which needs costly repairs or replacement. For these reasons, you need to contact a roofing expert at least once per year to inspect for any signs of damage.

2. Check For Leaks In The Attic

Inspecting the exterior part of the roof might not be enough. Sometimes the damage on the shingles is minor and challenging to notice. But the attic can tell you a lot about the state of your roof. Rotting beams and water stains on the ceiling are clear signs of a leaky roof.

Failure to regularly inspect the attic could result in wood damage or even your furniture. It could also lead to microbes growing in your home, which causes health problems.

3. Remove Debris And Leaves From Your Roof and Gutters

Debris and leaves accumulate on your roof and gutter system over time. They trap moisture that could encourage the growth of lichen, moss, and algae. If left unnoticed, they create an unsightly appearance on your roof and cause damage. (1)

You must clear all debris off the roof and gutters regularly. Contact a professional roofer to avoid damaging your roof or yourself.

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